Hello friends,

Over last quarter a decade and so I had lot of wonderful experiences, successes and low points, and memories which helped me to develop as a person and be what I am today and also how I will be in future. It is through this platform I wanted to share my understanding, opinions, experiences and honest thoughts with everyone.

To start with, I thank my parents who were always inspiring and motivating. I used to think since childhood ‘if I can be- even half of what my parents are in terms of their character, hard work, simplicity and goodness, I can be a great human being’. Thank you for inspiring me.

And a lot of friends especially, Dubey, Prem, Uday, Bhaichara, few in a long list. Thank you guys. And all those who directly and indirectly made me.

I have never tried to pen down my thoughts and opinions earlier, though I have lots and lots of them in mind. It might take some time till I get used to this, but till then bear with me guys.  Hope this will be a great experience and learning for me……Placeholder Image

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  1. LAXMIKANTH MUVVA May 23, 2018 — 5:48 am

    I feel it is really a good beginning Harsha,you yourself inspired a lot with the inspiration you got from parents,you made your parents and teachers proud,keep going…..

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  2. Harsha never give up and be like you forever

    Wish you all the best

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  3. Mitalee Agrawal May 23, 2018 — 3:16 pm

    All the very best bro.. I am sure u will rock… A inspiring life is worth more …


  4. You’re a good person with a kind heart. My best wishes to you. May you achieve new heights but don’t forget us below…


  5. sir i work at tata steel and want to do prep with job.have you done prep with job?


    1. Hi I did not have preparation with job. I quit job in june 2016 and started preparing for UPSC completely


    2. Though I did not have preparation while working. If you can take a bit extra effort you can do that. We can discuss further as time goes


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