General Studies 3 Plan


GS 3- Economy, Science & Technology, Environment, Security Issues, Disaster Management

Economic Development –Books

  • News Paper THE HINDU + INDIAN EXPRESS post prelims
  • Mains 365
  • Budget ( Next day HINDU + INDIAN EXPRESS papers are sufficient)
  • Economic survey (gist is fine)
  • General Idea of Indian Economy, Planning, 1991 reforms, Budget process. ( Vajiram Notes)

Science and Technology

  • Mains 365 on S&T + currents

Environment + Biotechnology

  • Mains 365 + currents
  • Understanding of basic concepts ( you can pick and choose from Shankar or any book)

Disaster Management

  • Current affairs + Basic NDMA + plans+ recent summits etc… don’t put too much effort on this. Just write generally

Security Issues

  • Rajya Sabha TV debates ( specially Security scan)
  • Mains 365

Answer Writing- Economy Part.

  • Firstly my idea of economy was to present a broad picture of it. For me economy included every activity which improved life of common man. So I used to write more about PM awas Yojana, MGNEREGA, roads etc.. apart from economy in the answer. So my answer gave a holistic look
  • I never wrote bullet points more than 2 lines. This gave me space for covering more areas
  • Prepare content for every topic in syllabus. On every topic you should have at least A4 size paper content in structured manner.
  • Identify some standard focus area for every area. Like
    1. For agriculture – focus more on marketing and reducing post-harvest losses
    2. For creating jobs- focus more on MSME and sunrise industries.
    3. For Exports – focus more on leather and textile, food processing industry etc..
    4. For macro-economic stability – focus more on reducing revenue deficit.
    5. For WTO affairs – food security is important etc..
    6. For improving economy quick return- Tourism, food processing.
    7. Mudra loans and start ups for many cases
  • Prepare some good stats on the food processing industry, savings rate, deficit, employment rate, make in India etc… You can use these stats in the opening remarks for better introduction.
  • In case you don’t know how something affects the economy- try to address along these line land, labour, wages, innovation, entrepreneurship etc..
  • While quoting date, please quote source. That will give more authenticity to data
  • Put more side headings as per need of question. Write about 5-6 points in each. Cover diverse areas. Then have optimistic conclusion. By reading side headings, the examiner should understand the answer pattern and flow.
  • Even if you don’t know question, don’t leave that. Because firstly, you have been preparing for at-least 2 years so your knowledge bank in mind will have some or other stuff about the question.
  • Secondly, you can think like this every activity is an economic activity, try to write all effects, causes and relation to improving standard of life, standard economy. Write all related to the topic, I am sure u will get decent answer.
  • Get up to date with economy related policies, govt. schemes, plans etc..
  • At the end economy is simple, we make it complicated. Write holistically and link with current affairs + programs+ policies + news.

Disaster Management- Answer writing

  • As such I have not prepared in deep. Just read the NDMA structure, disaster management plan and some standard steps.
  • I wrote this answer in very generic terms like – involve local communities, train them , prepare well for disasters, develop capabilities of administration, use technology for early detection etc..
  • Our PM has said a 10 point strategy for disaster management, so I used to put them in almost every question, either in conclusion or as answer.
  • U can use flow charts or diagrams for better presentation.
  • Even if u don’t know answer, just think if disaster comes in ur place how u will deal.
  • I think December 2016 or jan 2017 Yojana has disaster management as theme. It has some good cases. U can use them in answers

Science and Technology – Answer Writing

  • I read completely from MAINS 365 and did not use any specific material for this.
  • Tried to put more figures and flow charts in the answer.
  • Wanted the examiner to feel that this guy has good knowledge about science and technology developments.
  • Used some good terms in conclusions and apart from that this section is more or less straight forward with clear structure + diagrams + current affairs
  • Look out on these topics –
    • ISRO and Indian space system,
    • Nuclear Technology,
    • Renewable Energy sources,
    • Defence technology and development,
    • Stem cells,
    • GM crops,
    • Crypto currency,
    • Electric vehicles, metro rails, hyper loop etc..
    • India investment in S&T and R&D etc.. there is a good scope of questions on these areas.

Environment, bio technology- Answer Writing

  • Followed current affairs. I used to write all answer with a touch of current affairs.
  • Every answer I used to present like- Now the said issue will cause environmental problem and its high time that we take action on it. And also my solutions are best to reduce the impact.
  • Had some standard conclusions and presented them. Not had too much time in this part.

Security issues- Answer Writing

  • I regularly followed Rajya Sabha TV debates + security scan + Mains 365 of security issues.
  • I did not run around books, I wrote everything with this general understanding.
  • I used to present the threats across all fields like- navy, air , land, cyber, space, piracy, trafficking etc.
  • Used maps like India map for boarder issues, etc..
  • Had some conventions ready made for each topic, like for trafficking u have Palmero convention, for cyber-crimes u have other one…
  • Wrote this part also with general understanding + structure + diagram
  • Some topics – more focus areas :
    • Crypto currency,
    • Cyber security,
    • Marine threats like Mumbai attacks,
    • Hacking, Aadhar related issue, Data theft,
    • Human trafficking and drug abuse,
    • social media issues,
    • radicalization
    • Nuclear threat, no first use policy,
    • Weaponization of outer space etc…

My answer scripts attached..




Good Luck guys…


23 thoughts on “General Studies 3 Plan

  1. Sir how to read arc reports and pls tell about how to utilise them in answers


    1. I didnt read them …I don’t think it is a necessary. U can skip that. But in case u wanted to do just get any gist from market or any video lecture. That should suffice


  2. Hi Harsha sir..could you please give few tips about Anthropology optional.


  3. Sir which test series for mains should be joined for better analysis of answers..I have heard in some coaching answers of online mode students are being checked by students..and for prelims also?


    1. Yeah that’s the case with most institutes. I think vision gives can consider it


  4. Sir you wrote about Structure of answer… Is it (Intro-body-Side headings-diagram-maps-flowchart-conclusion)?


      1. Did you prepare topics like Disaster, Security,food processing,inclusive growth etc( topics not related to prelims) before prelims?


      2. No I prepapred after mains. But mostly from current affairs.


      3. Thank you sir!


  5. Thank you sir for valuable inputs…can u pls suggest how to tackle questions in GS3 if we at all haven’t read about specifics….


    1. Get up to date with current affairs in economy part. and u should can write some content. But basic stuff in GS 3 is needed. Cannot do with out that. It is rather scoring ….


  6. Sreeharsha Yadav June 28, 2018 — 4:59 pm

    Congrats Annaya, Thank you for sharing strategy, Please share General studies 1 plan annaya.


  7. Sir can u share ur notes of paper-2 and 3


    1. I have not made any notes for gs 2 and gs 3


  8. Sir can u share ur notes of paper-2 and 3.. it will b helpful..


    1. as such I have not made any notes for GS 2 and GS 3


  9. Thank you annaya for the detailed strategy and answersheets… Will be useful..
    And all the best for future endeavors


  10. so how did you revised and what you revised for GS2 and GS3 for mains.


    1. mostly currents. Mains 365 of vision IAS will help u


  11. sir mains 365 is from oct to june…
    after that july to September????what do we need to do that???


  12. Sir, Do we have to read Niti Aayog 3 year action plan?..


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