My Anthropology Notes and Sources

Regarding the material for anthropology, I referred different material available in market and made notes of each chapter in a short and to the point answers.  I referred following sources while making my notes.

  1. BRAIN TREE material – 3 volumes ( 3rd one not too much Tribal part)
  2. VAID Notes ( Only socio-cultural part)
  3. IGNOU Material on anthropology
  4. Vajiram & Ravi Class notes
  5. Physical Anthropology – P Nath
  6. Tribal India – Nadeem Hasnain
  7. Virginius Xaxa Report by Govt of India

While making notes I tried to prepare content on each topic. I also tried to look at last 10 years questions related to that chapter and tried to answer them. I also saw the general trend in questions like how the questions are asked, like whether they were asked for 10 marks or 15 marks and made notes accordingly.

It was mostly like this. ( for example–1.3 Ethno-archaeology)  Ethno-archaeology

Some parts of my anthropology notes…

Village Studies

PAPER 2 Chapter 4

PAPER 2 Chapter 3

PAPER 1 Chapter 95, 97 and 98

PAPER 1 Chapter 11

PAPER 1 Chapter 4

Chapter 6(1)

Chapter 6 (2


Nation State


PAPAER 1 Chapter 3

Papaer 1 Chapter 7

During the test series, I felt that thinking about answer structure in examination hall consumed most time and also decreased the quality of answer. So I prepared a structure for each question for all chapters and pasted the structure as stick notes. I would read this structure again and again and by having look at structure I had complete idea of the entire answer.

ANSWER Structure

I had my notes prepared for every topic and chapter. And also a had an answer structure for most questions. This helped me in repeated reading and presenting best answer. I suggest people preparing with anthropology to prepare their own short notes and do repeated readings.

Hope this will help you…


9 thoughts on “My Anthropology Notes and Sources

  1. This will be very helpful..
    Keep posting Ur notes..


  2. Thank you .


  3. Need ur guidance for mains sir!!!!


  4. Sir plz post your anthropology paper 1&2 notes..


  5. Sir which coaching did u join for anthropology? Or which teacher?


    1. I did coaching for anthropology in VAJIRAM AND RAVI with HIMA BINDU Ma’am
      Test series I did at L2A Delhi


      1. Sir
        Who do you recommend vajiram or Vaid Sir or anybody else? for anthro coaching in Delhi.
        Lack of good reviews about each one of them. Kindly Guide

        Liked by 1 person

  6. JAYDEEP PANCHAL July 17, 2018 — 8:01 am

    Sir I have doubt, for the Socio-Cultural part Vaid Sir notes to be preferred or book by him(thin book)
    please help me out


    1. I didnt read book, I did some from his notes thin one. Some parts are good


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