3 Visits

In the last 2 months in Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA), we had several events and visits. Of all the visits we had, the visit to 3 places stuck me- National Institute of Visually Handicapped Dehradun (NIVH), The Himalayan trek and the Village visit to Mushahari village in Muzaffarpur in Bihar.

I visited NIVH in my first month in academy. It was full of what the work is being done for visually disabled person. As a part of this I visited the school for visually impaired in NIVH premises. I saw students of 9th and 10th class who were very comfortable in all subjects; they read and write braille script so fast and with so much accuracy. Their learning standards very good and far better than many private schools. What struck me was how they are able to manage their things, studies, and all education. I saw a kid whose English was so good that he could compete with any best schools in the world. With all facilities and resources we complain a lot, but those kids even with such problem are able to be best at what they are doing, with no complaints. No hint of any sadness or disappointment. They were full of hope and positivity. I tell to myself from that visit on wards, I won’t complain and sulk. I will stay positive and happy with what I do. Or to put it simply those kids with their positivity and strength showed me my aukat and how small I am before their will power. Whenever I feel I am the king of the world and nobody can beat me, I will surely remember those kids and they will make me realize how small I am keep me grounded.

The second trip was to Himalayan trek. Our team of 32 people went to Uttarkashi, Gangotri and nearby places. There were couple of treks which were very steep and tiring. In most cases I found there was a point where my body gave up and I decided I could not move even an inch ahead. Thanks to people around me who kept entertaining, motivating and pushing me. When I look in hindsight I understand- there is a point that body gives up and it is the mind that pushes you to slog till end. It’s all in the mind, how much you can push yourself. Thanks to mountains and my team I now understand how much I can slog and stretch myself.

The last one was recent village visit to Mushahari village in Muzaffarpur district in Bihar. We went here to understand and study how village works and what happens in a village. This village though is very close to district head quarter, with very fertile land, and on the side of river Budi Gandhak and with large population which has been there for years suffers from poverty and large number of people working as laborers in nearby town and under land lords. About 60% don’t have land with them, and no land reforms could help them. The education facilities were weak with limited teachers and infrastructure. Infrastructure of village be it roads, drinking water, toilet facilities etc.. all in bad shape. There are serious problems in Anganwadi, where children are not provided meals even though so much wheat, rice, eggs etc… were given to their account.  When we interacted with people we find lot of them having little or no knowledge about government schemes. We met a lot of elderly people with problems in pension receipt and ration card. The villagers told a lengthy list of problems.  This interaction with people had a new experience of how the things work in ground level and how they are misused abused. They helped me to open up my mind further and make me understand how much work more to be done.

All the three visits made me realize- who you are? How small you are?  How much you  can stretch? How much you can do? How much work has to done? All these when looked together will keep me grounded and committed to whichever work I start….

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